Last week while enjoying a hike with a friend, I spotted many little clusters of tiny wildflowers sprouting up in the rocky terrain. White, yellow, lilac and lavender heads of joy greeted me. One of the hikers we continued to pass by secured two of the smallest golden blooms into his beard, and it made me laugh inside. Unlike on the streets, people on the trails are much more likely to give a friendly smile and hello. We have one thing in common, folks! Bring on the camaraderie!

Towards the end of our journey, what I suspect were queen butterflies flew in front of us for at least a minute or so, as if to encourage us forward.

Not so surprisingly, I forgot about the troubles on my mind. I felt more relaxed. And I felt inspired to write. My anecdotal evidence shows again and again the positive effects of nature on the mind and wellbeing. Science corroborates this. Articles such as this outline how it can make you Kinder, Happier, and More Creative.

During poetry month this last April, I produced this poem:

Floral Hues

Goldenrod the hue of a flower mistaken for weeds,

Lures fair pollinators that it needs.

Violet irises, royal and sure,

For my sad heart a most vibrant cure.

Pink fairydusters bring swallowtails around,

Hummingbirds too for its sweet nectar are found.

The blue Birdbill Dayflower growing on mountains fades soon,

But the climb to see is a price not too great for this boon.

Yes, even the sight of the smallest wildflowers uplifts me. But another thought struck me later. Isn’t it amazing how flowers can grow in desert terrain? Take a look at the conditions here. I assumed these were wildflowers and not weeds!


Some plants are really good with obstacles like this. Saxicolous plants are specifically adapted to grow among rocks, such as the T. Pamelae written about in this article: Saxicolous Plant. The key is deep roots. May I suggest some biomimicry?

When life brings sorrow, fear, disappointment, or frustration, look for pieces of beauty. Seek for moments of peace. Search for memories of mirth. Spend time in nature. And make sure your roots are deep. Don’t let the rocks and hard places in life be impediments forever. Even people can be saxicolous.




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  1. People can be saxicoulous in the gospel as well sinking roots deep into prayer, prophetic teachings, the Book of Mormon etc. etc. Such sinking can bring great peace and healing and strength.


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