Cover Reveal!

No, the cover isn’t me walking through the Charlotte airport. But aren’t the trees inside the airport incredible? When I saw them Friday morning the ingenuous idea hit me the same way the news that grave gardening exists did (years back when I heard about that tradition in Germany). If you’re interested in this tangent, check out this article about grave gardening in Philadelphia: Grave Gardening in the U.S.

I did choose the photo, I suppose, because I feel like I’m moving. Also, I did promise to be transparent through this journey, and look, it’s my first photo I’ve posted in which I’m not wearing any makeup. How’s that for a reveal? Hahaha! Okay, okay, that was a bad joke.

This past week, while I was in Atlanta for a work training, I hunched over my laptop in my hotel room in the evening and went through the process of submitting my files to Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). My first book, a poetry chapbook, will be available on February 26th in e-book and print! And here is the cover, created by M Borgnaes of The Electric Scroll.

natures mirror 168x250

It feels wonderful to get this far in the process. I may have my proof copy to review by the time you are reading this, or if you’re finding this after the published date, I probably already scoured through it! I also added a link to an About Me page from my home page today which you may check out to learn a bit more about my history. Also, there is a My Book page (later this year to be My Books). Oh, did I mention yet I have a book coming out? Oh yes, yes I did. Ahem, excuse my excitement. Some of the next steps in my process will be setting up a newsletter you may subscribe to. I will update you on the other steps I’m taking as I get there.

Today’s post will be short because of my slight jet lag made worse by how ridiculously early I arose for my early flight this morning. But, if you’re ever in Atlanta, my, my, do visit Mary Mac’s. Trust me, the comforting Southern favorites will make you droooool, the photographs on the wall tell a long dazzling history, and any place that’s been open since 1945 is doing something right. Also, all the cool people go there. Such as celebrities (I didn’t spot any), and policemen (who sat at a table next to us and caused quite a stir when one got a call on his walkie talkie and ordered the rest to move out, and they went running in a curving line around the tables and out the door in a hurry).

Happy moving! May you notice the progress you are making with your own goals, in writing or otherwise, and take time to celebrate each success along the way. If you feel so inclined to share how you’re moving along this year so far, or to have a “reveal” of your own, I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

Cover Image Credits:

Mirror cover image by Thomas Quine, via Flickr. Lion cover image by Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay. Arm silhouette image by Mohamed Hassan via Pixabay



2 thoughts on “Cover Reveal!

  1. First, I love this great pic of you in front of that fabulous find at the airport! Such an innovative way to bring old relaxed southern charm into a very stark, anxious and bustling space! Great job Charlotte!

    Secondly, oh my gosh Aubri, your book cover is absolutely amazing! I LOVE every single thing about it! Great colors and design and certainly depicts your vision of your book! Can’t wait to see it pop up on my Amazon favs!

    Thank you for being so transparent with your entire experience! You are providing many people with confidence to “move” in their own lives and that is a wonderful talent!

    Good luck! I’m sure this will be very successful!


    1. Thank you so much! And oh my, that is exactly what I hope to do, to help others who may doubt they can do it, see that it is in fact possible. This is the beginning and I’m learning and going to show it all along the way instead of trying to throw up a facade of “I know it all and it’s a piece of cake”. I probably wouldn’t do well with that anyway!


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