Don’t Share the Soil

My idea for a tanka poem for my friend’s 4th day of a 6th year and counting National Poetry Month challenge (find her instructions for the tanka here:  Day 4 Poetry Challenge) came from two plants growing together in my neighborhood. When I glanced at the plant with the yellow flowers (which I wish I could identify) I wondered aloud how it had happened to entwine itself with the other plant.

“Oh no, it knew what it was doing,” my walking companion replied. What an interesting comment about a plant. I couldn’t help but compare the idea to human relationships. It really does seem like there are lessons and warnings all over if you look around in nature. This article explains the detrimental effects of plants planted too close together: Home Guides What Happens if Plants Are Planted Too Close Together?

Bloom like rays of sun

But why encroach on your friend?

Too close, no space, get!

Don’t let us drain and dry up

My soil is mine and yours there

How close is too close? Have you ever felt suffocated by someone else or as if they began to deplete your energy and resources? Or perhaps seen someone who tried to be a showoff and choke out others so they only could shine? You can be planted close together and do great, but too close and you lose out. Everyone needs their own spot of soil to grow. And the truth is, when you hurt someone else, you hurt yourself.

Here’s a song I can justify sharing here as it’s related to this topic. When I discovered it I thought the video was clever in its comparison of physical pain to emotional pain. The latter may sometimes be invisible, but no less hurtful. I hope you choose to share, but not to share the soil. Share your favorite poem with me, or one you wrote, or how you’re celebrating National Poetry Month in a comment below. But again, please don’t share the soil.




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