The Stuff Dreams are Made of

At the time of starting this post, it was Day 16 of National Poetry Month! There is still so much I want to share. Thursday the 18th was Poem in Your Pocket Day. I printed out several copies of poems I wrote and handed them out to several unsuspecting people. I think next year I’d like to purposely run a lot of errands or show up in random places to hand out poems stuffed in both pockets, and see what kind of reactions I get.

For Stephanie Abney’s poetry challenge, we did windspark poems. I loved them so much that I wrote four, and could go on and on with more. It gave me an opportunity for such fun imagery, personification and imagination! If you are already signed up for my newsletter, you received my email with details on the background of the second poem below. You’ll get more details behind the scenes when you subscribe to my newsletter via the link on the right hand menu of my site.

Windspark poems by Aubri Wilson

I dreamed

I was a warrior

On a silver steed’s back

Riding to victory


I dreamed

I was a seashell

In a sand pile of others

Hoping for a creator


I dreamed

I was an aspen

On a mountain slope

Trembling in the wind


I dreamed

I was a ship

At the castle gates

Waiting to be let in


And here’s a fun little acrostic for today’s challenge that I wrote after being inspired by a bee I noticed on a hike today, pollinating a gorgeous pink cactus bloom:

Precious gathering of nectar is mine

Oasis of color in the desert delights me

Lingering a few weeks, these blooms attract

Luring with scent and hue

Incomplete without pollen I pick up

Nectar for me and fertilization for them

As I visit flower to flower

Thanks to me, then comes the fruit

Overwhelming work, no, it turns sweet

Rectifying stress in the creation of honey

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