Singled Out in a Podcast

So, this past week I did something new. I did something that scared me (kind of)! I’m thinking back to my very early post Fear and Creativity. This made me a little nervous, but I was part of a podcast, an amazingly funny and insightful podcast by two incredible gals, Alyssa and Emma. Listen to their podcast Singled Out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any other major podcast platform! If you want to laugh more in your life and hear astute bits of juicy knowledge on singlehood and dating, follow them on Instagram @wearesingledout, like The Singled Out Podcast on Facebook and be a part of the community by joining the Singled Out Facebook group!

Please check out the episode I was in and have the chance to hear me read two of my original poems (plus the text of Billy Joel’s “And So it Goes”) in honor of National Poetry Month. Among other fun questions, Emma and Alyssa dissected my poems with me. My favorite part of poetry may not always even be expressing myself and getting out thoughts in a way that can’t be done anywhere else. It may be making a connection with the reader.

We took a bit of time to discuss vulnerability in dating and in poetry on the podcast, and as I thought a bit about that, I created this incredibly amazing quote (haha) that maybe someday someone will spend time interpreting and dissecting in it’s simple complexity.

“Life isn’t a cupcake with sprinkles, decorated and displayed just right. It’s a tough steak that bleeds as it cooks, and is often eaten before it is well done.”-Aubri Wilson

The first poem I read I already shared here in a previous post: What if….?

Here is the text of the second poem I read on the podcast (check the podcast for background behind it and to hear me read it!):


You Tell Me

You tell me that I’m beautiful

It means nothing to me

Because of every stranger who said it

And wanted something for nothing

And still I don’t know you

Really, you’re nearly as much

A stranger as them

And I can’t admit as you stare

The only one I ever wanted to

Hear it from never said it once

You tell me that I’m beautiful

And if you were smarter

You’d wait to tell me

If you knew me better

You’d be patient and say it again

And again every day

Until I believed you meant it

You tell me that I’m beautiful

It means nothing to me

Because of what hasn’t happened yet

But you say it differently

Like you have more to say

And I want to lean in

Despite myself to hear it


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