Sand Lily

Three weeks ago in this post, I shared a music video from the documentary Many Beautiful Things about the little known artist, writer, adventurer and missionary Lilias Trotter. Earlier this week I watched the film because the music from a favorite artist of mine drew me in and I curiously looked up the trailer.

Several of the quotes from Lilias in the film made me feel overcome with admiration. This was a woman who voluntarily gave up an opportunity for recognition and acclaim in order to travel far away to a desert, a country where she was unable to communicate in the local tongue and unfamiliar with the customs. She gave up a life of relative ease to live in harsher conditions, and spent years of her life serving women and children who had desperate needs.

I was particularly impressed by her thoughts on the sand lily. Her biographer shares the quote and expounds on it in a thoughtful and worthwhile post here.

Instead of commenting beyond what Miriam has done, I will simply share a poem of my own that Lilias’ thoughts inspired.


Sand Lily

If I’m my worst enemy

I err on the side of caution

Holding back only to avoid

Tripping over myself

And taking a tumble

Ignoring the fact

That I can be careful

But move forward still

And if I fall and land

Where I did not want to

I can stand up again

And sometimes after all

The landing is softer

Than expected

Or can be the place

I need to be in

To see from a new angle

And truly I forget

But want, no need

To believe that

I am a sand lily

As no harshness or lack

Around me will induce

A threat to my bloom

For when I search

From within

I have all that I need



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