Senses and Illusions

I’ve wondered sometimes what it’d be like to be blind. What if I suddenly had an accident or contracted an illness that ruined my sight? Would the world be a less certain place? How would my other senses adjust? How could I continue with normal activities like reading and writing? Or, what would it be like to be deaf? How could I continue with playing and singing music? What if, due to some sensory illness or disorder, I lived without most of my sense of touch? Or even taste?

What I wonder most is how I’d connect with people and with the world differently, and how other senses might heighten to compensate. And then, even though we rely on our sensory perception so much, we are sometimes fooled. Check out some mind-boggling sensory illusions here. You might be surprised about some of these!

A little over a month ago, I penned a poem as I thought about how all this would be like, and what would happen if I could rely a little more on those things you only feel inside.


In a filled room,

Blind with no one speaking,

I’d know you by the sound of your breathing.

I’d know you by the rate of your heartbeat

If I touched your chest.

I’d know you by the feel of the air around you

If you stood near.

I’d know, I’d know you, yes.

I’d know you without needing

To hear your voice, or see you,

Or after all, even without needing to touch you.

I’d know you because 

Of times before when 

You held my hand 

And my pain and panic

Dissipated into the night

With my heartbeats 

Matching yours

And now, do you believe?

My heart is independent

It seems, but speaks and tells

Me when yours is near

After so long, I think

I’ve finally learned

How to listen to it

When all along

It’s been trying to tell me

Things, important things

That I should know


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