Without Consulting Me

I took some time looking back last week, as I encouraged in my post two weeks ago. Did you miss me? Well, I missed you, and this. I hadn’t missed a week before, but let’s just say life got raw and real without consulting me first. Neglect was not my intention, however, a nasty virus took over for a little over a week and in the midst of fighting that while still keeping appointments, and showing up, and supporting my fiance, I didn’t get around to my usual post. Okay, I’ll move on from excuses.

Some weeks ago I hinted that food poems might pop up here. Yet I haven’t been inspired to write any really. With figuring out the changes in my diet after discovery of food allergies, I’ve been a little overwhelmed. It’s not as bad now that I’ve come through the first month. So far in thinking more about food than before, planning, and wondering and feeling stumped sometimes, and very nostalgic and occasionally a little bit sad, I haven’t wanted to think more about it in order to write about it. That’s a little disappointing because I can tell you that there has been a lot of emotion around this journey. And I love turning emotion into poetry. But perhaps the time is not yet.

I will try and be patient because in time I’ll discover new ideas and perhaps be inspired to write more about this in future. Two weeks ago I had to be patient and recall that like attracts like. And so I saw it happen that the busier I got, the busier I got. On the 24th last month, I wrote about the frustration of being sick when everything I had going on was happening. I was particularly disappointed when a colorful quinoa bowl I made (pictured above) was not enjoyable because it was painful to eat (due to the aforementioned virus). At the time it felt like I’d be sick forever, but I feel very much recovered now. I simply had to wait. When life doesn’t consult you, and it’s unpleasant for a bit, just remember, you’ll get through it in time. You will.


Without Consulting Me
by Aubri Wilson

When what I said I didn’t have time for

Happens without consulting me

When I want comforting

But can’t eat my comfort food

When I thought I’d let your kisses be my dessert

Yet I’m sick, so I’d better not get too close

When there’s so much to talk about

And my throat aches and I’m too tired for it

When what I want and work for

May not happen how I desire

When what I know I need

Will take longer than expected

Because I need something else first

That’s when patience calls me

And I decide whether to let her in

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