My Next Book!

My vision for my upcoming book of poetry began just over a year ago, funnily enough in my office at work. And it came in a surprising way. Several people invited me to be a speaker for an event that is no longer. At first I just shook my head but after five or so suggested it, I wondered what I’d speak about if I accepted in future. I was talking with a colleague at the time about this and then I said to her that if I was going to speak, it’d probably relate to art and writing. And then I said something to the effect of, “And it’d be better if I’d already published a book at that point.”

Well, plans began and shifted several times. I published Beside Them in Nature’s Mirror first and then planned on my second book as a compilation of some of the general poetry I’ve written over the last four years. It’s coming closer! I had the title and images for the cover in my mind develop many months ago and now I can say that I have cover images ready to create the final cover design! It was so exciting to see the vision in my mind come alive in this way. I can’t even describe that feeling. And this is a tease, because I’m not ready for a cover reveal yet so you can see.

With wedding planning lately timelines may be pushed back a bit, but I will put updates on my second book here as we go along. However, to give you an idea, here are sections the poems in this book will fall under:


Love and the Lack Thereof

Musical Pictures


Deep in Thought

Imagination in Flight


In the meantime, while planning and preparing this book in the midst of life, I’ll try to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly. Thanks for putting it that way Micah. That’s about the best we can ever do.


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