Better and Brighter

A Very Small Flicker by Aubri Wilson

You gave me a day, when I only asked for an hour.

I gave you a spark, but couldn’t sustain it.

As weak as I felt, you made me think I could be strong.

But I held back in fear, and watched you slip away.

You remained in the foreground of my thoughts.

But if I was to reach out to touch you,

You became a diaphanous specter.

I hid behind smoke screens and dust,

All the time wishing you to see me clearly.

In tears I turned and walked away,

Softly treading the well-worn path of defeat.

But, you grabbed my hand, and asked me to stay.

And then I had hope again to create a flame

From a very small flicker you wouldn’t let die.


No matter what I do, I can’t seem to think of writing about much right now besides something relating to what’s going to happen in six days. I’m getting married! For years I’ve looked forward to the day. I thought it would come, but I didn’t know when. A few years ago I wrote the poem above, imagining a future event I might experience, and how wonderful the part when someone would grab my hand and ask me to stay. In some ways I feel like I’ve experienced fairly closely the road this poem outlines. In the midst of many to dos, it’s nice to reflect on the way I’ve come.

Certainly there are ups and downs, but I do believe if you try to be better during both kinds of times, you will, and it’s a joyful thing to find someone doing the same who you can get better with. Better and brighter!


Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “Better and Brighter

  1. loved the poem ! love is a really beautiful thing, having someone next to you, making you better no matter the circumstances!! beautiful post , we should always thrive to be better and brighter !


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