All At Once

Most times in my life fall into two types. In one, I’m standing in what can’t even be called a stream, just a few inches of rare water covering my toes and not reaching the tops of my ankles. I’m squishing my feet in silt, trying to create some movement where it feels stagnant, and wondering if it will rain.

In the other, I fall over a cliff, pushed by a deluge that creates a mighty waterfall that didn’t exist before, and into a deep pool, where I am then pounded with a storm as I try to swim to shore. Sound familiar? There rarely seems to be a middle ground.

Right now I’m more in the deluge stage. Please excuse my hiatus for the last three weeks! In ten years I might laugh and say this was all nothing compared to the current state. But I’m not there yet, so this is something. My husband the other day mentioned that so many things were happening all at once. I agreed. It feels like this song.


One of the telltale signs for me of things happening all at once was this. Before our first trip of the month, our honeymoon, I reminded my husband that we needed to plan our first trip together abroad (two months away) soon after coming home. When we returned, went back to work, unpacked things in our new space bit by bit, I tried to plan more for our trip to China. We took a weekend trip last week and I felt more behind. Then, I realized we were going out of the country to a tiny island elsewhere first (next week!) and thus couldn’t apply for our Chinese visas until we returned from that trip with our passports. We hadn’t even planned any kind of itinerary for our island visit yet.

And I hoped to do more unpacking and organizing and setting things up in our new home before this next trip. How much will get done remains to be seen. It’s lucky I’m with someone who makes me feel like no one has ever before, and I feel more encouraged about being a go-getter for a while even while everything is all at once.



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