Poetry Book Before Christmas!

I can’t wait to make Life Stokes Embers available to share some of my thoughts and feelings about life experiences humankind share, to help others know they are not alone in agonizing and painful moments, crazy moments, silly moments, joyous moments, calming moments, and victorious moments.

And it’s just around the corner! It’s taken years to get it just right, with nights of putting thoughts to pen and paper, working to make my cover imagery ideas come into life with a talented artist, pondering and playing around with section titles and structure, deciding which poems to include and which to exclude or save for another book, waiting for beta readers, and getting excited and stressed over several rounds of back and forth to get the formatting correct.

It’s my first full poetry collection, 144 pages long with poems I’ve written mostly over the last five years. I will be uploading it to Kindle Direct Publishing to be made available in ebook and print formats. If you enjoy poetry, or know someone who does, think about gifting it!

I love how it all turned out! One of the largest pieces of advice I’ve heard is to make sure your cover is of quality as it’s how people judge your book so that was one of the first items I worked on to make perfect in my eyes. We’ll see how it goes.

There are five sections in my book:


Imagination in Flight

Pilgrimages, pilgrimages

Deep in Thought

Life Lessons


You’ll have to check it out to find more of what’s inside!


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