Christmas Lighting

Each Christmas I love to see the lights put on display. It’s something that’s always so cheerful, and it reminds me of why I celebrate this most special holiday. At the beginning of this Christmas season, my husband and I were walking downtown and found that some of the trees strung with lights were not lit up. We stopped numerous times as he plugged in the lights on forgotten trees.

I don’t know who else would do so. This happened on multiple occasions while we were walking in the area. It made me think of how he’s brought more light into my life. And these past few weeks I’ve reflected on how Christ has brought so much light into the world.

Here is my Christmas poem this year:

Christmas Lighting 
by Aubri Wilson

All along the houses
And trailing downtown
Trees and shrubs
Windows and doors
Rooftops and eaves
Outside and inside
White or colorfully bright
It cheers me to see
Yet nothing compares
With the lighting
Christ gives
Bringing great joy
And great love
All among His children
Outside their windows
And inside their hearts
That true Christmas Lighting
May always be found


Merry Christmas!



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