Hello in 2020!

No, I didn’t disappear forever. I’m still here, breathing, and I couldn’t stray from blogging for so long. There’s going to be a lot to write about this year, and it won’t be anything I’ll want to forget. If this is the year of vision, I’m starting out seeing through a glass darkly, but expect to know so much more by the end of it.

A year ago I met my husband for the first time, and though we didn’t talk then, I knew he existed and that allowed everything else to come. It’s strange for me to think I’ve known him for only a short time, but a year is a momentous mark. I’d be okay if none of what happened did, I think, but it’s so much better with him. Even with my writing, he turned into a raving fan and was there to support me for the launch of both of my books.

I once heard an author discuss how his wife gave him a gift of time to develop his writing skills away from work. She worked to support them while he focused on his craft, and it paid off in the end as writing is now his full-time career. So that support from my husband was one very important good sign from the beginning.

Sometimes I’m a sucker for emotional Got Talent auditions like this one I found the other day. Something about the trust these young aerial performers had in each other and the background music for their act made some words come to my head.

“Glowball” by carobe is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

A Pact and a Promise

by Aubri Wilson

I'll make you a pact

I'll make you a promise

That even when we're far away

I'll never forget you

I'll never regret you

And I'll come back to you someday

On our own missions separate

You in the mountains

And I in the sea

To combine again at a future time

And when you miss the old memories

We've had and simple days

And feel lonely at night

Look up at the same moon

I'll be watching

And I'll send you my song

You'll hear it carried to you

If only in dreams we see each other

For a while, I'll fly and take the trip

Every night to hold you before you wake

And if you cry in the morning

Soon the sun will help you smile

And you'll be finding all you need

To discover on your own

But if time falls over itself

And you start to feel lost

Know I'm reaching for you

And soon enough dear

I'll be by your side again

For I made a pact

And I made a promise

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