It’s been a while again, and the last few months have been full of changes. Some things I expected and many I did not. One I didn’t expect earlier in the year was that I’d be working from home every day after we hit the middle of March. I was used to doing that several times a week already, but it feels actually quite different to do full time. While some social aspects of my job have morphed, and I miss the in-person contact, the timing has been sort of a blessing in disguise for me.

I’m very excited to be expecting my first child in August! Being able to work from home as well as staying at home more often due to regular activities being cancelled has made it a bit easier at a time when I’ve had fluctuating energy levels as well as other common and sometimes unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, and wanted to spend more time learning as much as I could about what was going on with my body and my baby. Of course there has also been a lot to prepare, discussions to have and decisions to make. It’s been a fun time with my husband as we’ve felt our very active baby flip and kick and anticipated the future.

It’s strange and wonderful and no words can describe it. It’s not all, but part of the reason I’ve written less here this year even though there is no doubt much to think and write about. And I’m sure that soon a new little being will take up a lot of time and care, and will also give me a lot more to write about that I couldn’t from my own experience before.

Here are two untitled poems I wrote during poetry month this year:

Sweet baby in my belly
Soon to feel your kicks I hope
Still I know you're there, because
Heartburn, aches, and growth!

Never thought
I'd enjoy
Getting kicked

Maybe punched
In the gut
But today

Hey baby
Getting strong
Inside me

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