A New World

It’s hard to believe I’ve passed my two year anniversary on this blog! October 27th, 2018 was my first post: Fear and Creativity. Much has changed since that first post. I made blogging a regular part of my schedule which has now dropped off some with life changes. I published two books in 2019, got married, and this year had a son. It’s been a lot of good change! Of course not all of this change has been easy along the way and much more is coming but that is exciting too. My longer stretches between writing here have been largely due to the latter change. But here is a little poem I wrote about him last month when he was nearly two months old. It’s a new world for him and for me as well.

 A Newborn Son 
 by Aubri Wilson

 A newborn son
 With wide eyes
 And closed fists
 A long torso
 And hairy ears
 A perfect rosiness in his skin
 And perfect little pink lips
 His head covered in fine threads
 His first glances at me are everything
 A long-awaited moment and meeting
 Was realized almost in fantasy
 But his fingers curled around one of mine feel real
 Feeding after feeding my own milk while holding him
 Loving and crying and comforting and caring while exhausted
 Laughing at squeaky hiccups, funny faces, and soon coos and smiles
 Dreaming of how he will grow and all we can share
 While longing for this early time to go not so fast
 Before he is older,
 And no longer can be called so
 I must remember for a future me
 The privilege and challenge
 Sometime bewilderment
 Sometimes awe
 Sometimes unbelievable
 But always amounting to the joy of becoming acquainted with
 And introducing the world to
 A newborn son

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