Christmas Outshines

Christmas Hope by Aubri Wilson

What a mother like none before or since

Who allowed the Son of God to be born

And choose to give up His life

When the time came

What a mother who was chosen

To love and care for Him as a baby

And a child with a stepfather of strong faith

Who taught Him to carve

And when the child grew and discovered

His mission which He accepted long before

His first condescension as a baby born

In poverty with nowhere but a stable to rest

And shepherds waiting for the firstborn

Lamb and not only a lamb for the temple

This was for a greater sacrifice

Christmas gave rise to the humble man

Who became our Savior, God and not

Man only but in both ways He

Understands us and shows us

What to become and how

Now the tree, the wreaths

The stars, bells, and lights

Remind me of the night

He came ringing in hope

For the sweet gift of eternal life

If comparisons of the Grinch with the COVID-19 virus stealing Christmas away jangle in your head, if images of a cartoonish thing called COVID-Boo-Hoo (which although it rhymes with Cindy Lou Who is her antithesis), are bothering you, consider Christmas. For me things I’ve missed this year that come with most Christmases are outshined by the love, and peace and joy of Christmas. I’ve heard many say they are glad to be putting 2020 behind them, but I received some of the best gifts this year. These were precious time with family, time to reflect, time to rethink priorities. I was given a son and that will forever make 2020 a special year for me.

I cannot compare the things I lost or wished for that changed this year and have not come back with the loss and fear and pain some have felt. Yet I am convinced always, that anyone, anytime, anywhere, can find blessings to be thankful for, and Christmas is one of those things for me. I hope you find love and joy during this beautiful season and come into the new year with hope for better things.

Merry Christmas!


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