The 51st Time

I started working on the following poem at the end of the year in 2020, and did not finish it until now, in time for my third wedding anniversary. After a long hiatus, here it is.

The 51st Time
by Aubri Wilson

The 51st time I fell in love with you
No, not the 51st time I fell in love
That'd be much different
And no, it doesn't mean after 50 failed attempts
I finally got it right 
Each time was special in its own way
What does it mean to fall in love that many times?

Well, some say they fall deeper every day, every year
Perhaps, what I thought was falling in love
The first, or tenth, or fiftieth time was different
But in its own way, at the time, it was true

With the first you weren't even there
Your voice, though, grew a presence
That curled around my insides
Like an embrace that bore
A warm tickle I couldn't explain

And by the 51st time I knew
Still there is more to come
As you and I change and grow
So our love will 
And while it's not always easy
I don't doubt when you hold me
Or when we're apart
The 52nd time and 
Many more
Will come into view


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